Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Most Romantic Hotel In Sri Lanka Is Taprobane Island, And Should Be In Your Top 10 Destinations

The most romantic hotel in Sri Lanka is undoubtedly Taprobane Island, and you must take the opportunity to stay there for a few days during your vacation in Sri Lanka. Taprobane is an amazing place, and incredibly romantic, not the least of its charms is that you can only get to it by wading through the sea. The 2.5 acre island has 5 en-suite bedrooms with good size living areas, balconies, verandah, lovely tropical gardens, and of course an infinity pool.
There is a staff of five who only exist to pander to your every whim. It is of course hardly an hotel, more a fully staffed villa, and in my book absolutely perfect for a honeymoon stopover, whilst enjoying Sri Lanka. Taprobane is really a throw back to a long lost colonial era, and you could easily be in the 1930?s with the huge walk around verandahs, the colonial style furnishings. What I liked best was the fact that you could ask the staff for almost anything in the way of food, particularly seafood, and they would wade ashore and get it for you ? nothing it seemed was too much trouble. You can feel less than secure in the tropics, even although the Sri Lankans still hold the English in very high esteem, but the presence of a security guard should allay any fears. There really is nothing to do, but of course this is perfect as a top honeymoon destination. You can simply swim, read, paint, eat, swim, read, paint, eat, drink????? The main drawback is the journey from Colombo airport, of over 100km. This doesn?t seem much, but the roads are crowded, and it could take as much as five hours, which is a long time after a fourteen hour flight. My advice would be to overnight nearer Colombo, or visit Taprobane in the middle of your honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

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