Saturday, 14 August 2010

Mattala Airport project takes off

The project at a glance


* To play a vital and supportive role in the development activity in the Hambantota region and capture market share of the regional traffic growth.

* To promote the Air-Sea-Transshipment Hub operation in conjunction with the Hambantota Harbour

* To be a key component in the development efforts of the Eastern and Southern coasts

* To be an alternate airport to BIA, offering tremendous fuel and weight savings to airlines, resulting an increased passenger and cargo volume throughout the country

* To facilitate the establishment of a gateway for economic and investment infusion into Sri Lanka.


* Estimated project cost - US$ 210,000,000 (US Dollars two hundred and ten million)

* Extent of land - 2000 hectares. Initial construction would cover an extent of 800 hectares

*Aerodrome design - The aerodrome will be designed to meet the international specifications

*Runway length - Is proposed as 3500 metres and the width is proposed as 75 metres where new A380 could land.

* Taxiways - Recommended to have a 60 metres long taxiway from the runway centre line to the edge of the apron.

* Apron - 10 parking positions will be provided initially, the pavement of the parking apron - 80

* Airfield capacity - Annual service volume of this aerodrome at short and medium/long-term planning horizons will be 30,000 and 600,000 movements respectively

Terminal and related buildings - Size of which is proposed to be 10,000 square metres to accommodate 800 peak hours and 100 domestic passengers

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